Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What's the point?

I guess we have children in order to keep teaching that old dog new tricks. It seems everyday now Finny is waking up with a new trick, something that amazes both him and me. I don't wake up with new tricks anymore, unless of course you count my new trick knee or trick back, but I always anxiously open the door to Finny's room to see what new tricks he is going to teach me today.

A few days ago he learned how to point. This is a minor milestone, one that is not much discussed in books or among mommy circles. Everyone wants to know if he can clap or high five or wave goodbye. He can't do any of these things yet, but he has figured out how to stick just one finger in the air and point (and thank God it is the right finger or else I would have a lot of explaining to do). He points to everything now. He points to himself in the mirror, he points to the light on the ceiling. He doesn't point in an accusatory way as adults have learned to do. He doesn't even point to indicate that he wants something (although I am hoping this is on its way soon). Right now, he points just for the pure pleasure of pointing. And so, I point too. I point to him, I point to me and sometimes we touch pointers and ET phone home.

Who needs new tricks when I can just relearn the pleasure of the old ones through the eyes of my child?

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