Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Finny Speaks!

Finny and I are on speaking terms again. And by speaking terms, I mean he spoke to me today! He actually spoke! Well, perhaps I should clarify. He speaks all the time in variations of "Ma, ma, ma, Na, na, na, Da, da, da, dee, see, blabbity, blabbity." His mouth makes sounds, but he doesn't communicate. But today, he sent me a message, a very clear message, using a new language I didn't know he'd learned, so like a dope I totally ignored him.

All in all, we were having a pretty good day until about 5:30 p.m. Just when I was struggling to get dinner together, Dr. Evil Finny showed up in yoga pants again. I threw balls and crackers and lightswitchs at him, but was getting nothing. Or so I thought.

He kept opening and shutting his hand at me and I was like, "What does that mean? Lightswitch? High five? Cigarette?"

I changed his diaper, I gave him his paci, I showed him his sad face in the mirror, and still he continued to play Charades, thinking to himself, "Ugh, how did I get stuck with this idiot on my team?"

I put him in his high chair and threw more crackers at him and watched as he continued to open and shut his hand, and finally it dawned on me--Milk! He was giving me the sign language for milk! Beside myself with excitement, I quickly prepared his cup of milk and he guzzled it and smiled.

All this time I've been showing him the Baby Einstein sign language video thinking he didn't get it. I've been showing it to him since he was 6 months old and he loves it, but until today, he's never given any indication that he was actually learning the signs.

Today, Dr. Evil Finny became simply Dr. Finny, Master of Language. I will never underestimate those little hands again. They are full of new tricks everyday.


  1. What a great accomplishment. I'm sure both of you are excited about the possibilities of communication even if they're not yet to the standard described in the blog :).

  2. I don't know you personally, but I found your blog through MM's. Your posts are funny and witty and I enjoy the way you look at life with an infant, soon to be toddler.

    Congrats on the sign language milestone! That's one step in the direction of being able to understand the screams, cries and babbles. :)