Tuesday, September 15, 2009


David and I have been debating about the name of our next son. Although he has not yet been conceived, we thought we might name him Patrick, another good Irish name. After the news today, we are going simply with Swayze. Swayze VanHimbergen. He'll be the coolest kid in school. His black silk shirt will be open at the top to give the girls a little taste of his hunkiness and his black pants will hug his little butt for inappropriate gyrating and stage leaping at school dances. Young girls will carry watermelons into his hidden, sweaty love shack behind Kellermans, and his top lip will curl up just a little bit when he mambos and cha chas and busts out car windows with fence posts in the rain.

Finn VanHimbergen may be our future PGA champion, but Swayze VanHimbergen, well, he's gonna throw his hips around like its nobody's business.

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