Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The lightswitch is a hilarious invention

There is nothing more delicious than hearing Finny giggle uncontrollably. It's like chocolate cake. Yesterday I spent five minutes of my day flicking the hallway light switch on and off for pure entertainment. He laughed his head off in pure amazement and it was contagious. Something that I take for granted everyday suddenly became amazing to me when I saw the look of pure, jaw-dropping delight on his little face that seemed to be saying, "How does it do that? That's awesome! Do it again. Again. Do it again!"

After the lightswitch episode, I carried him down the hall clip-clopping my flip-flops like a horse and he could hardly contain himself. I think he may have peed his pants it was that funny.

At the end of the day I was left thinking, "God, I'm hilarious."


  1. Oh, wow. Been there! Thanks. This makes me feel better.

  2. Oops that commment was suppose to go the "mommy isn't always playful" post.