Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Have We Met Before?

“Who are you and what makes you think you’re so special?” Finny seemed to say with his blank face as we pounced on him after our four-day trip to Denver. David and I had been standing on the curb beside our luggage bouncing up and down, never before feeling even more excited to return from a trip than to leave on one, when David’s mom pulled up with Finny in the back seat. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a ten-month-old in terms of memory and recognition after four days away; it was both comforting and terrible to realize that he would be just fine without us.

The whole time we were away everything went very smoothly. From the daily updates I received from Grandma and the seventy-seven pictures taken by Grandpa for a photo-documentary of the weekend, it seems that Finny had a blast and hardly missed us. This was wonderful news and certainly allowed me to relax and enjoy our weekend away. But it does make me a little sad that he still isn’t quite old enough to understand just how much I do for him. Certainly if he was, he would be jumping out of his car seat with smiles and screams of “Mommy, Mommy, I missed you so much!” Right?

Of course I do recall my own mom saying, “Do I have to do everything around here?” a few times growing up, so not sure when the appreciation sets in. I guess it was around 29 for me, a few days after I had Finny. This is the real reason parents want their children to grow up and have children of their own: grandchildren are adorable, but really they want their kids to finally understand just how much they’ve sacrificed for them.

Once I teased him a little in the backseat of the car, I could tell he was thinking, “Oh you’re that hilarious Mommy I have! The one with all the jokes and faces! Gosh, where have you been?” At least that’s what I thought until his grandpa got home from work, the other one with all the jokes and faces. Then I just became the lady who one day will be on him to clean up his room, whispering under my breath, “I guess I do have to do everything around here.”

The truth is though, it doesn’t matter if he missed me or not. I missed him like I’ve never missed anything in my life and that fills me up.

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